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How do I cancel a service?

Services at TransIP can only be cancelled by logging into the control panel and not by email. This prevents cancellations being carried out accidentally or by unauthorized third parties. We use a notice period of one month prior to the renewal date.

In this article we explain how to cancel the different services at TransIP using your control panel.

Cancel services via the control panel

You can easily cancel domain registrations, web hosting packages and VPS services via your control panel. To do so, head to your user name in the top right corner and click on 'My Account'.

Next, click on the tab 'Services' to find an overview of your services at TransIP. Click on 'Cancel' next to the service you wish to cancel.

Cancel your services

In the example below, you can see we want to cancel the web hosting package for the domain name. You can cancel seperate domain registrations, VPS services and VPS AddOns in the same way.

Double check the cancellation

On the left you can choose to cancel any linked services as well. Make sure you do not select the domain name when you just want to cancel the web hosting package. If you cancel the domain name, it will be put into quarantine status when the cancellation is completed.

On the right you can choose to cancel the service by 'End of contract' or 'Immediately'. Click on 'Request cancellation' once you have made your choice.

request cancellation per end of contract

request cancellation immediately

  • Cancellation by end of contract means that the service will no longer be renewed at the end of the current contract period. No new invoices will be generated after the cancellation.
  • Cancelling immediately means that the service is, you guessed it, cancelled immediately. You will not be billed anymore after the cancellation.
  • If you cancel immediately, no restitution is possible for the remaining contract period.

You will then be asked to double check your cancellation, after which you can confirm the cancellation on the right. When you are ready, click on 'Confirm cancellation'.

Confirm cancellation

Cancelling VPS Add-Ons

When cancelling VPS Add-Ons, such as CPU and RAM Add-Ons, you will only see the option to cancel them 'Immediately'. Upon removing Add-Ons, the corresponding VPS will automatically reboot. We have disabled cancellations by end of contract for VPS Add-Ons, as they take place automatically (usually during the day). This means the VPS could be rebooted at an unwanted time.

Big Storage and Private Networks

Add-Ons such as Big Storage and Private Networks can be cancelled by end of contract via the control panel, provided that they are disconnected from the corresponding VPS.

When canceling a Big Storage your VPS will be rebooted if the Big Storage is still attached to the VPS.

IP addresses

Additional IP addresses you ordered for your VPS can be cancelled via the control panel. The original IP addres provided with your VPS is linked directly to your VPS and therefore cannot be cancelled. 

Pre-installed control panels

Pre-installed control panels such as DirectAdmin, Plesk and cPanel can only be cancelled by either cancelling the VPS itself, or by reinstalling the VPS

VPS lock

Make sure you first check whether the VPS lock is active when cancelling a VPS. If the VPS lock is active, you will not be able to perform any actions on your VPS via your control panel, including cancelling the VPS.

Closing your account

To close your account at TransIP, please use the steps in the article 'I want to close my account with TransIP'.

Important to know
  • Our VPS and web hosting packages are offered based on a monthly contract. Please note that when these services are cancelled, the data on them will also be deleted.
  • When transfering a domain name from TransIP to another registrar, linked web hosting packages are not automatically cancelled with them. Web hosting packages may contain important email and data, as such you will need to manually cancel web hosting packages.
  • When a domain name is cancelled, it will be put into the Redemption Period. During this period, the domain name cannot be reached or transfered. Only the owner of the domain name has the right to reactivate it. The owner of the domain name can usually be found in the WHOIS information of the domain name.

In this article we explained how you cancel your services at TransIP.

Should you have any questions left regarding this article, do not hesitate to contact our support department. You can reach them via the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of this page.

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