/ Legal & Security

/ Terms & Conditions

From passing on information when you move to a new house to the automatic renewal of your services. The terms and conditions clearly explain what we can expect from each other.

/ Privacy policy

We treat your personal information carefully and make sure that your privacy is safeguarded. You can find what information we need to deliver your services in our privacy policy.

/ Cookie policy

Cookies aren’t all the same. There are for example, analytical and functional cookies. You can read exactly what type of cookies we use and for what purpose in our cookie policy.

/ Security

Through our security page we will inform you about the measures we take to guarantee your security. You can also read about how you help out our security team.

/ ISO Certification

We work hard to ensure that the security and quality of our products live up to the highest standards. To prove this we are certified for different standards.

/ SLA (Availability arrangement)

Of course, you want your services to be available all the time. In the unlikely event that this is not the case you can claim compensation. In this arrangement you can read when you are entitled to this.

/ Credits

Every now and then we use video and image material from third parties that allow us to make our marketing expressions even cooler. In our credits section we would like to thank the heroes that make that possible.