Countless possibilities

Complete freedom

Freedom to do what you want: that is what the TransIP API offers. From a Ruby library to the automatic scaling of your BladeVPS – you decide how to use our services. The download link above includes the changelog, documentation, examples and a PHP library. Also read our API documentation.

Code in your own language

Our API communicates through XML/SOAP and is therefore compatible with every programming language. So far, several libraries (PHP, Ruby) have been created. Even if you do not use them, you can decide in which language you want to build a new implementation.

WeFact and WHMCS

TransIP collaborates with platforms like WeFact and WHMCS, the TransIP API is fully integrated into both platforms. This means you can easily set up your own order process and support system.





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“In no time TransIP has shown that it is more than a remote service provider. They think along and the flexibility in the implementation of specific requirements is remarkable.” – Aron Rotteveel

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