/ Make Advanced Simple

Test and iterate
your code.

++IPv6 only instances.IPv6 only instances.

Launch lightning
fast websites.

( )General purpose instances.General purpose instances.

Build your own
scalable set-up.

//High performing instances.High-performing instances.

/ Cloud computing
from the Netherlands.

Hi! We're TransIP - an established Dutch cloud provider since 2003. At TransIP we make advanced solutions easy and clear. This allows you as a novice techie to learn a lot and release more quickly with more advanced set-ups. As a diehard techie you can do what you want to do by building our smart solutions: build your own things!

/ Why TransIP?


automatic back-ups


using our API


your VPS in minutes

/ Availability zones

Your VPS is immediately delivered in one of our two availability zones in Amsterdam (AMS0) or Delft (RTM0). An availability zone is a separate data centre that has its own power supply (2N) and its own network. Availability zones can operate completely independent of each other. Our two zones (AMS0 and RTM0) are connected by means of an encrypted 200Gb/s backbone connection.

/ View our certificates

/ Powerful control panel & API.

Easily manage and control your entire cloud infrastructure in the control panel. You always have direct access to your Virtual Private Servers through the console.

/ Go for top performance.

Offer your application the ideal balance between performance and reliability with PerformanceVPS. The dedicated vCPUs, distributed NVMe storage with 3 replicas and 2.5 Gbps bandwidth are the solution for your projects that demand more performance. Temporarily 50% discount on our high performance VPS for the first 3 months.

/ Build your own scalable set-up

You can build your own stable and scalable set-up with BladeVPS PureSSD. Try right now whether a self-managed VPS is for you; with great power comes great responsibility :-)!