High Performance Servers
to Power your Infrastructure


++IPv6 only instances.IPv6 only instances.
Low cost, high power IPv6-only test instances.


( )General purpose instances.General purpose instances.
Our most popular and well-rounded general purpose VPS'es


//High performing instances.High-performing instances.
For our most demanding users who need dedicated performance.

/ Cloud computing based in EU

We are TransIP - a Dutch cloud provider established in 2003. At TransIP we make advanced simple. We build the infrastructure you can rely on for your business critical processes. Don't take our word for it, experience the performance on our SandboxVPS platform and upgrade whenever you need it.

/ Why TransIP?


your VPS in minutes


using our API

Free extras

Like automatic back-ups

/ Two world-class availability zones

You decide in which availability zone to spawn your VPS. It will be delivered immediately in Amsterdam (AMS0) or Delft (RTM0). An availability zone to us means a separate data centre that has its own power supply (2N) and its own network. Availability zones operate completely independent of each other. Our two zones (AMS0 and RTM0) are connected by means of an encrypted 200Gb/s backbone connection.

/ View our certificates

/ Powerful control panel & API.

Easily manage and control your entire cloud infrastructure in our control panel. We build and improve the panel continuously to optimally fit our customers' needs. You will always have direct access to your Virtual Private Servers through the in-CP console.

Ready for take-off?

PerformanceVPS is our best product yet. Built to support the most demanding jobs, PerformanceVPS is the ideal tool for powerusers. If your set-up requires MicrosoftRDS, PerformanceVPS is your go-to product. Try now at 50% off.