Highly available load balancer

/ Out of the box load balancer for your VPS

HA-IP Pro is an out of the box load balancer that evenly distributes inbound traffic over your VPSs. Using this load balancer, you can build a scalable and highly available infrastructure in no time. Your HA-IP Pro load balancer is always available on multiple physical machines divided over two availability zones (AMS0 & RTM0). HA-IP Pro in front of your VPSs allows you to achieve data center redundancy for all your VPS services.


€ 11,99
  • Highly available load balancer
  • Attach unlimited VPS'es
  • Data centre redundant
  • Automatic failover
  • SSL termination
  • Let's Encrypt
  • API support
  • Health checks

/ Production ready

HA-IP Pro works out of the box. Attach your VPSes and your load balancer is ready for production. Naturally you can customize your configuration in the control panel.

Round Robin

Incoming requests are distributed evenly between attached VPSes.

Sticky Cookies

Uses a cookie to bind a user to a specific VPS.

Source IP

Directs users to a server based on the Source IP address.

/ Automatic Failover

The HA-IP Pro health checks continuously monitor the status of attached VPSes. When the health checks identify an issue with your VPS, all traffic will automatically be distributed between the remaining servers. This way your visitors will always arrive at an available server.

/ Port forwarding

HA-IP Pro distributes all TCP traffic between attached VPSes. This traffic can be forwarded in five different ways: TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2 or Proxy. By default, we forward traffic on port 80 and 443. However, you can forward all TCP traffic to any port on your VPSes by enabling this in the control panel.

Let's Encrypt

Traffic to your HA-IP is easily secured using Let's Encrypt. With our fully automated Let’s Encrypt implementation you can easily configure SSL for the TransIP domains pointing to your HA-IP.


All the HA-IP Pro actions in the control panel can also be automated with our API. This enables you to automatically scale by attaching new VPSes, change the port settings or detach VPSes when they are no longer needed.


With the IPv6 to IPv4 feature all IPv6 traffic will be forwarded as IPv4 traffic to your VPS. This way your website instantly becomes suitable for IPv6 without any configuration.

/ Need help?

In our Knowledge Base you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.