For BladeVPS PureSSD

/ Highly available address in front of your VPS

HA-IP is a highly available IPv4 and IPv6 address that allows you to send any TCP traffic to one BladeVPS. Because you can switch to another server rapidly, your VPS is never your single point of failure. Your HA-IP is available simultaneously in two availability zones (AMS0 & RTM0).


€ 3,50
  • Highly available IP address
  • Attach 1 VPS
  • Data centre redundant
  • Manual failover
  • SSL termination
  • Let's Encrypt
  • API support

Let’s Encrypt

Traffic to your HA-IP is easily secured using Let's Encrypt. With our fully automated Let’s Encrypt implementation you can easily configure SSL for the TransIP domains pointing to your HA-IP.


HA-IP allows a per-port configuration of five different modes: HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2, TCP and Proxy By default we forward traffic on port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTP/2 & HTTPS). However, you can forward all TCP traffic to any port on your VPS by enabling this in the control panel.

Visitor IP Forwarding

In HTTP mode the visitor's IP will be added to the request headers. By adding a Let's Encrypt certificate to your HA-IP, the visitor's IP will also be available in HTTPS requests.

/ Create your own highly available setup

HA-IP allows you to easily execute a failover. If your main VPS disconnects, you can quickly switch to your backup VPS through HA-IP. You can switch to another VPS in the control panel or completely automate the process with the TransIP API.

/ Upgrade your HA-IP to HA-IP Pro

HA-IP Pro is an out-of-the-box load balancer that distributes incoming traffic between your VPSes. With HA-IP Pro you can quickly build a scalable and highly available infrastructure.

/ Update instantly

Update your website or application effortlessly with HA-IP:

Forward your HA-IP to your production VPS.
Clone your production VPS.
Create your newest version on your cloned VPS.
Forward your HA-IP to the newest version.

/ Need help?

In our Knowledge Base you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.