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WP Hosting XL

€ 15,- € 10,-
  • 100 Databases
  • Unlimited email boxes
  • 100 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Automatic backups

WP Hosting L

€ 8,- € 5,-
  • 10 Databases
  • 50 Email boxes
  • 50 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Automatic backups

WP Hosting S

€ 5,- € 3,-
  • 1 Database
  • 5 Email boxes
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Automatic backups

*Promotional rates apply to the first contract period (month) and exclude VAT.

/ Choose a strong domain name

A clear domain name makes it easier to find online and to remember. You can choose among many extensions for your website.

SSL certificate

All websites come with free automatic SSL certificates for your domain and all your subdomains.

Let’s encrypt for Web Hosting

Automatic backups

We make a backup of your website every day. Through your control panel, you can roll back up to 10 days.

More info

Extensive tutorials

In our Knowledge Base you can quickly find answers to your questions about WordPress Hosting. With our extensive tutorials you can start immediately with your website.

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/ WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme determines the look and feel of your website. View the thousands of themes in your WordPress dashboard. Select your favorite and start creating your own new pages. Add pictures and content to it and your website is ready!

/ What our customers say

Hans Schollaardt

“Great bang for your buck and excellent support. An absolute recommendation!”

631 reviews

A&J Services

“I’ve been a customer at TransIP for years. Great service and friendly employees. Fast response, even when you least expect it”

389 reviews

Daily Coffie

"I am satisfied with TransIP. In particular, the rapid response to my questions and good service makes me recommend TransIP to anyone"

61 reviews

/ Plug-ins

Plug-ins provide additional features to your website. Choose from tens of thousands of WordPress plug-ins to, for example, set up SEO optimization, anti-spam or contact forms. You can easily add plugins to your WordPress dashboard.