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API documentation

Read the full documentation for our REST API and start automating your control panel actions.


Check out our GitHub for all official TransIP repositories, such as the TransIP CLI-client or our libraries.

Knowledge Base

Not sure where to begin? Our Knowledge Base can help you out. Find out all you need to know to get started with our API.

/ Community Tools

Our API is the starting point for all your control panel automations. But our community knows how to really use it to its fullest potential! You can find community-built tools, implementations and libraries in our implementation list below.

Did you create a tool for our API? Let us know via the form below, and we’ll include it in our list.

Community Tools


Proxy server for ACME DNS challenges written in Go

82 stars, 20 forks, Go


Certbot DNS-01 validation for wildcard certificates (ACME-v2)

78 stars, 13 forks, PHP


Terraform provider to manage Transip resources

33 stars, 14 forks, Go


Node.js cli tool for updating TransIP DNS entries, including DDNS. Docker image available.

20 stars, 4 forks, JavaScript


Client implementation of the TransIP REST API in Kotlin

3 stars, 1 forks, Kotlin

/ Supported tools


TransIP Control (tipctl) is a CLI tool that connects to the TransIP API from your terminal. Download the official TransIP CLI tool from our GitHub.



Download the official API client for PHP from the TransIP GitHub.


/ Go

The official TransIP Go client for our REST API can be found on our GitHub. Don’t forget to enable API usage in your TransIP account and set up a private API key.


/ Need help?

You can find tips, tricks, and tutorials in the comprehensive knowledge base.