/ The TransIP network

/ Availability zones

Your VPS is immediately delivered in one of our two availability zones in Amsterdam (AMS0) or Delft (RTM0). An availability zone is a separate data centre that has its own power supply (2N) and its own network. Availability zones can operate completely independent of each other. Our two zones (AMS0 and RTM0) are connected by means of an encrypted 200Gb/s backbone connection.

/ The TransIP network

Our core- and edge network is divided over our own availability zones and the two satellite locations Interxion and GlobalSwitch. Through these four locations, we are connected to our peering and transit providers. Our availability zones can operate completely independently of each other, but at the same time they can use each other's providers.

Traffic enters your VPS via our redundant core network. The hypervisor, on which your VPS is hosted, has a 20Gb/s (2x10) connection with our IP fabric network which is based on the BGP routing protocol. We use VXLAN for the private network connections. low latency connection.

/ HA-IP Pro load balancers

HA-IP Pro is an out of the box load balancer that evenly distributes inbound traffic over your VPSs. Using this load balancer, you can build a scalable and highly available infrastructure in no time. Your HA-IP Pro load balancer is always available on multiple physical machines divided over two availability zones (AMS0 & RTM0). HA-IP Pro in front of your VPSs allows you to achieve data center redundancy for all your VPS services.

/ Private network

You can create your own Layer 2 network between your VPSs by using a private network. This allows you to enjoy unlimited data traffic over your private network. A private network is ideal if you do not want information to pass over the public internet. It is also possible to connect VPSs in the different availability zones in a private network.