Terms & Conditions

/ Terms and conditions (summarized)

Our general terms and conditions apply to every agreement between you and TransIP. What is actually written in that long legal text? To better understand what we do for you and what we expect from you, we have summarized the general conditions in clear language.

Do you prefer to look into the complete legal variant? Then bask in this version.

/ Your agreement

It all starts with an agreement. When you create an account with TransIP (and place an order with it), an agreement is created between us. The rules that apply to our agreement are determined based on the general conditions.

The duration of your agreement varies per product ordered. You sign a domain name registration for a year, which is then automatically extended by a year. You also sign up for an SSL registration for a year but will not be renewed automatically after that. All other services last one month and are automatically extended by one month every time.

For the execution of your services, other parties can be called in, such as credit card companies for payments. In some cases, in addition to the general conditions, the additional conditions of those other parties also apply. You give us permission to accept these additional conditions in your name. View all additional conditions that may apply to your services on this page.

/ Your account details

Through your account you get access to the control panel with which you can manage and configure all your services. In order to deliver these services to you, we need the correct (contact) data from you. So, check what you fill in and let us know about changes during a move or other situation. Do you have the impression that something is wrong with your data or do you suspect abuse? Let us know as soon as possible so that we can take measures.

/ Your services

Day and night, we do our best to ensure that your services always perform maximally and are always accessible. So, we sometimes have to carry out maintenance. Usually you will not notice this, but it can happen that we stop your services for a short time. We make every effort to only work on your services at night and to let you know this in time.

If you want to use additional applications, you are responsible for the installation and maintenance (unless the application is part of the service itself).

A back-up copy is regularly made of your saved data. How often this happens will vary per service and can be found in the product specifications. When you request this, we will make the backups available to you.

It is possible to request an increase (upgrade) of the product specifications at any time. A reduction (downgrade) is only possible if you cancel your current contract and then enter a new one.

To ensure the registration of your domain name, SSL certificate or IP address goes smoothly, you give us the right to do the paperwork with the organizations responsible for this in your name. Some domain names are (copyrighted) protected or reserved. We can therefore not guarantee that a registration will always be successful.

/ Your wallet

You pay for the services you receive. Recurring costs for your web hosting package or VPS for example, you pay before the relevant services are delivered. You pay for one-off costs (such as installation or activation costs) afterwards. This also applies to extra costs that arise after you exceed an agreed limit. When this happens regularly, we can choose to upgrade your subscription. We will of course inform you about this first.

After receiving our invoice, you have 14 days to transfer the amount to us. If we do not hear from you, we will send a message. If a payment fails after that, you can always contact us to prevent (temporary) termination of your services.

TransIP may decrease or increase the prices of your services during your agreement. We will only do this if there is a good reason and inform you about this a month in advance.

/ Your behaviors

You can decide for yourself what you do with your services, but it is not the intention that you (or your client) endanger our network, violate the rights of others or violate the law. In such cases we or the judge may decide to (temporarily) stop your services or give your identifying information to the person whose rights have been violated.

/ Your rights

All property rights (such as copyrights and trademark rights) that are subject to your data or other materials that you have supplied remain yours. The rights of ownership that rest on the services you have ordered will remain with TransIP.

As far as your personal data is concerned, you always have the right to see it and request a correction or removal in writing in case of inaccuracies.

Within 14 days of ordering your services, you as a consumer have the right to cancel these services via this form and terminate the agreement free of charge. You are then only obliged to pay any costs up to the time of dissolution. Please note that this right does not apply to domain name and SSL registrations. For business customers, the right of dissolution never applies.

/ Your Processor Agreement

When you collect, store or process personal data from others via TransIP systems, you are obliged to enter into a processing agreement with us according to the privacy legislation. We have already prepared the processor agreement for you and you will find this at the bottom of this page.

/ Your goodbye

After the end of your agreement you can choose to stop this and no longer (automatically) extend it. Keep in mind that there is a notice period of one month. At the earliest, domain name registration can be terminated after 11 months. Services that last only one month can be canceled from the first day. Finally, do not forget to download your data and back-ups before you end your services! The door is always open to you when you decide to come back later.