/ Self-healing platform

Network storage

Our self-developed VPS platform uses network storage. This allows your VPS to be started immediately on another hypervisor if a problem occurs on the hypervisor on which it’s hosted. Should such a failover occur, your VPS is booted from the SSD server onto another server. The effect of a hardware failure is therefore reduced to a minimum.

Automatic migrations

By using our automatic migrations, we ensure each VPS of the best possible performance. If a hypervisor becomes too busy, several VPSs are automatically migrated to a less loaded server. In addition, we can update our entire platform unnoticed by using these migrations. During such a live migration, your memory is first replicated to the destination server. As soon as the differences are small enough, your VPS will be paused and transferred to the new server within a second.

SSD Storage

Our VPS storage platform is fully equipped with solid state drives and uses ZFS. This provides all data blocks with a checksum that monitors the integrity of files.

Big Storage

Big Storage are large amounts of secondary storage that you can link to your VPS. Your Big Storage drives run on their own storage platform. Unlike BladeVPS, Big Storage runs completely on hard drives (HDD’s). Big Storage drives can be linked to any VPS delivered in the same availability zone. The offsite backups of Big Storage are always stored in a different availability zone.


Backups are essential for every VPS. That is why every BladeVPS PureSSD is automatically backed up every four hours for free. You can go back about a day and a half with the nine backup spots. These backups are stored on a different server in the same availability zone as your VPS. In addition to these free backups, you can also extend your VPS with weekly backups and offsite backups.


ZFS offers the possibility to take a snapshot of your complete filesystem within a fraction of a second. You can put this snapshot back on your VPS at any time. When you restore a snapshot, your VPS is immediately started from the snapshot server. This ensures that your server is available again within a minute. Next, the filesystem of your VPS is migrated from the snapshot machine to a SSD server, after which you again benefit from the speed of SSD.


VPS cloning allows you to make a copy of the complete filesystem of your BladeVPS PureSSD. This enables you to quickly set up multiple VPSs with the same configuration. Of course, it is also possible to deliver a copy in another availability zone.

KVM full virtualization

BladeVPS is virtualized by using KVM. This allows each VPS to have its own kernel and runs it in a completely protected environment on the hypervisor.


Your VPS is immediately delivered in one of our Tier 3 data centres of The Datacenter Group in Amsterdam (AMS0) or Delft (RTM0). All racks of our VPS and storage platform are equipped with redundant network connections and two independent power feeds (2N), each with its own uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and diesel generator.