/ Automatic back-ups


We create a free backup of your VPS every four hours.

1 day

With 9 backup stalls you are able to go back 1 day.


Easily restore one of 9 backupstalls from your controlpanel.

/ Weekly backups

It is also possible to substantially increase the retention of your backups. For only 20% of your monthly BladeVPS fee, we will additionally make weekly backups which enables you to go back up till five full weeks!

BladeVPS PureSSD

Weekly backups

  • A backup every week
  • 5 additional backup stalls
  • Recovery up to 5 weeks ago

/ Offsite back-ups

With off-site backups for BladeVPS your backups are geographically separated from your VPS. For only 20% of your monthly BladeVPS fee your backups will be stored in a different availability zone.

/ Easy recovery

Every four hours, you can easily restore a backup to your current or new BladeVPS PureSSD through your control panel. Of course it is also possible to restore a backup through the TransIP API.