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Changing DNS and nameservers via the control panel

If you use TransIP nameservers, you will be able to configure the DNS-records via the Control Panel. To do this please navigate to Domains & Hosting and select your domain. You will now be able to choose your DNS settings.

If this is the first time that you configure the DNS-settings, you will find that one of our default IP-addresses is filled in. This is an address that directs visitors of your domain to our 'reserved' page. Visitors will be redirected to your server if you replace this IP-address with the IP-address of your webserver. The correct way to do this is by changing the IP-address behind the @ record. Please take into account that this change will also change the default mailserver.

After you have submitted and checked the changes, you can save and process them by pressing the "Save" button. It could take a while before all the providers adopted the change. That is why we advise to change the IP-address as soon as possible, preferably instantly after purchasing the domain.

Please note! The above is only possible when the domain is registered at TransIP. If this is not the case you will need to set-up your own nameservers OR use the nameservers provided by the registrar of the domain.

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