/ Forwarding Service

Show your visitors the way

Forward email

Forward emails to any preferred email address.

Easy to set up

Specify where you want to forward your domain to.

Social Media

Forward your domain name to your social media profile.

/ Easily forward your visitors

Our forwarding service is perfect if you have an extra domain name besides your main domain name. You can easily forward all visitors from your sub domain name to your main domain name.

Forwarding service

    Included features
    • Forward email
    • Forward subdomains

    € 6,99/yr


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    Hans Schollaardt

    “Great bang for your buck and excellent support. An absolute recommendation!”

    A&J Services

    “I’ve been a customer at TransIP for years. Great service and friendly employees. Fast response, even when you least expect it”

    Daily Coffie

    "I am satisfied with TransIP. In particular, the rapid response to my questions and good service makes me recommend TransIP to anyone"

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