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Set up your email address

With our Email Only and webhosting packages you can easily create your very own email addresses. You can then either use our webmail client or one of the many other email clients to read, send and receive emails.

Click one of the boxes below to learn how to set up your email address at TransIP using the email client of your choice.

Take note: It's not possible to configure email forwards or email groups this way.

Default email settings

No matter which email software you decide to use, you will need our email settings to get started. If you can't find your email client in the overview below, you can almost always use these default settings to configure your email address in that particular client.

Read the article 'The email settings at TransIP' for the exact settings.

Setting up email in Windows

Email addresses created at TransIP can be set up with several email clients for Windows. Below are our tutorials for setting up email using Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Setting up email in macOS

Click on a link below for tutorials on setting up email with the Mail app for macOS.

Setting up email with Gmail

Use the tutorial below to set up your email address in Gmail.

Setting up email on your smartphone and tablet

Carry your emails wherever you go by setting up your email address on your smartphone or tablet.


Don't want to use email software to manage your email? Use the TransIP webmail in your browser instead! Read the tutorial 'Using the TransIP webmail client' for a detailed explanation of the TransIP webmail client.

In this article you can find all our tutorials for setting up your email address in the email client of your choice.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact our support team. You can reach them using the 'Contact us' button below or via the 'Contact' button inside your control panel.

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