/ Firewall

/ Safe from the start

The free VPS Firewall allows you to determine which ports are open for incoming traffic on your VPS. Traffic to other ports is automatically blocked and therefore never arrives at your server. Automatically enable the VPS firewall for all your new VPSes and you are safe from the start.

/ Easy UI

You can easily manage the VPS Firewall from your control panel. By default, your firewall is disabled, but with the push of a button, your VPS is secured by only opening desired ports for incoming traffic. You add an extra layer of security by opening these ports only for specific IP addresses or ranges.

/ Automatic configuration

The most commonly used ports are opened based on your operating system. For example, ports 80 and 443 for HTTP(S), port 22 for SSH or port 3389 for Remote Desktop. Of course it is also possible to open the ports manually or based on your desired application.

/ What our customers say


I am extremely happy with TransIP, they are quick to answer questions, and think along with solving problems.


Great system, good control panel, VPS works fine. But the very best, are the heroes of the customer service.

Daily Coffie

I am pleased with TransIP. The quick responses to my questions and good service in particular make me recommend TransIP to everyone.

/ Need help?

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