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How do I transfer my domain(s) to TransIP?

A domain name that already exists can be transferred to TransIP. For most extensions, such as .nl, a domain transfer takes place through an "Authorization code", also referred to as transfer code or token. Only the holder of a domain name can request the transfer code from the current provider. The code can be entered during the ordering process, with which the transfer can be used and completed.

Some examples of domains that work with such an authorization code are: .nl, .be, .eu, .de and .amsterdam

Example of entering a transfer code during the ordering process

domain transfer code

Status of the transfer

In your control panel, you can keep track of the status of the transfer of your domain name. Inside the control panel, go to the 'Domain & Hosting' tab and select the domain concerned (not checked) in the left column. On the right, you see the status of your transfer.


Different transfer procedures

However, there are also a number of extensions that have different transfer procedures. This can vary from an extra email confirmation to completing extra information to start the transfer of your domain name.

We have listed the transfer procedures for common extensions. Click one of the links below to find out how to transfer your domain name exactly:

Transferring your website

Please note that web hosting packages that are accommodated by your previous provider will not be transferred. If you want to transfer your website, it is best to download a copy of the data from your website at your current provider and upload it again on your TransIP web hosting package.

Below you can find some useful links that can help you transfer your website:

Please note:

  • How long a transfer takes depends on the extension. Do you want to know how long the transfer of your domain takes? Click here.
  • After a domain name has been successfully transferred, it can take a maximum of 4 to 24 hours before the new DNS information of your relocated domain name is completely taken over by all name servers on the internet.
  • For generic extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info and .amsterdam, the transfer will only succeed if the domain is at least 60 days old since the last transfer, change of ownership or registration. For more information, see this link.
  • For some extensions, such as .lu, additional conditions apply. This is very different per extension. You will then see the "Busy" notification in our domain checker. In that case, please contact our support department.


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