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What is an MTA

An MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) is software that provides the sending (not receiving) of email messages from one computer to another.

An MTA can be seen as a post office for email. Other terms that often refer to MTAs are mail servers or mail exchangers. The most used MTAs are:

The last three are used for Linux for sending email. DirectAdmin and cPanel use Exim and Plesk uses Postfix. Of the above MTAs, only Microsoft Exchange Server provides both sending (MTA) and receiving (MDA) of email. Usually, a separate MDA is used for receipt.


The VPS mail service

Our VPS mail service is not an MTA and cannot send mail on its own. In order to use the VPS mail service, an MTA is therefore required. 

Our DirectAdmin, Plesk and cPanel VPSs come supplied with an MTA and MDA (Mail Delivery Agent) by default. An MTA must first be installed and configured for all independent OSs.


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