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What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a protocol which enables everyone to track information about a domain name or IP address. The WHOIS databases normally saves and tracks holder information, DNS servers, and namesevers belonging to a certain domain or IP address.

The status of a domain can also be verified by checking the WHOIS information. The domain can for example still be available for registration, be active or inactive, on a transferLock etc. When a domain name is in quarantine (also called redemptionPeriod) this will also be shown in the WHOIS details of the domain.

The amount of contact information that is shown is different for the different domain extensions. For example .COM and .ORG domains show very extensive information, including e-mailadress and physical address of the registrant. The amount of information shown is decided upon the by the registry that is responsible.

Where can I find the WHOIS-details of certain domains?

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