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Can I change the delivering by e-mail with MX-records?

E-mail delivery to other servers is possible by configuring the MX records. You might, for example, use a local Exchange Server. To set this up, you should carry out the following actions:

- Log in to the Control Panel
- Go to 'Domain & hosting'
- Click on your domain name

You can change your DNS settings in this screen under "Advanced domain settings". All MX records are listed here as standard and can be removed or changed, if desired. An MX record contains the following format:

Name: sub domain (standard '@' for the domain name itself)
TTL: Automatic refreshment time of the record (standard 1 day)
Type: The record type (MX for e-mail)
Value: The record content. This is where you should add a priority to a MX record, followed by host name that should function as a MX record.

For example if you have domain .eu as domain, and, as the MX record, you can submit the 10mail as the MX value. The DNS system will automatically add this to Please bear in mind that the subdomain mail should in that case also be present in the same DNS window. Should this be inactive, you can add it as type A in the same DNS panel.

If you have an external host name (outside in the example) on account of which you wish to provide a full host name, you should close the host name with a full stop.

For instance, your external host is which you would like to enter as the MX record, enter10 as the MX value.


The priority is variable and should be viewed as 'the lower the value, the higher the priority'. Should the server with the highest priority be inaccessible, the e-mail will be delivered to the next server with lower priority.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any support for configuring and using external mail servers.

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