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Why do the e-mail messages I send to hotmail/gmail not arrive?

E-mails that are being sent are carefully screened by parties such as Hotmail and Gmail. In order to prevent your e-mail to be marked as a spam or as 'unwanted', you can check the following settings for your domain / e-mail address or VPS.

  • It is important to have a reverse DNS record set up for the outgoing mail server. On a TransIP webhostingserver this is of course automatically configured by us. For a VPS you can set up the reverse DNS record (PTR record) for the IP addresses of your VPS using our article "How can I set my reverse DNS for BladeVPS?"
  • In the case that send mail from a VPS, you can enter a hostname from which you would like to send e-mail. This will probably be "" or "".
  • Make sure that you choose a domain which ahs an SPF record configured to point to the IP address of the server. More information on SPF-records can be found at

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