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Renewing purchased services

All services you purchase at TransIP are automatically renewed unless you cancel them before renewal. This means you do not run the risk of accidentally losing important services and do not have to inform us if you want to renew your services.

You can always find an overview of the renewal and invoicing data of your services in your control panel. Go to your username in the top right and click on 'My Account'. Then go to the 'Services' tab to find an overview of your services.

An exception to this rule are our Sectigo SSL certificates. These SSL certificates will automatically expire after one year. 

Take note: Our supplier of SSL certificates is a Dutch company and only offers Sectigo SSL certificates to customers who are located in the Netherlands. For that reason, these certificates can only be ordered by customers located in the Netherlands using our Dutch portal.

It may also be possible that you receive emails from the domain authority ICANN. These emails can state that the renewal of your domain name is required. Because we automatically renew domain names for you, you can ignore these messages.

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