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I want to create a TXT record for my domain name

In contrary to other DNS Records, a TXT records does not point to a specific location. In stead, the TXT record is used to supply information to the server that is requesting the record.

Where can i use the TXT record for?

There are several applications of the TXT record, including the so called SPF and DKIM records, which are the most used applications.

  • SPF: SPF is used to check which mailserver is allowed to send e-mail on behalf of your domain name. Please see this article for more information.
  • DKIM: DKIM is used to authenticate the authenticity of e-mails, by relating an e-mail message to a domain name. Please see this article for more information.
  • Besides SPF and DKIM records, there are other applications, such as DMARC records and website validation.


SPF and DKIM records are the records that are used the most. Other applications of TXT records are so called DMARC records. With DMARC records you can specify that e-mails are protected by SPF or DKIM records. DMARC records tell the receiver what to do if none of these methods pass. This type of record is an optional security measure, that is not used too often. Please see the official DMARC page for more information.

Example of a DMARC-Record

Example of a DMARC-Record

Website Validation

Another way to make use of the TXT record is the possibility to validate several web-applications, like Google Safe Browsing Validation. This makes sure the domain gets through the Google Safe Browsing checks.

Example of a website validation record

Example of a website validation record

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