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Expanding your SSD partition

When you expand the disk space of your VPS, you will first have to allocate this extra space to a partition before your OS can use it. So, after upgrading your VPS package or ordering an SSD Add-on, this extra space will not be immediately visible or usable.

There are several options for expanding the SSD disk space on an operating system such as CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian, but below you will find more information about commonly used methods. To expand a Big Storage drive, you will find a step-by-step plan here.

Please note!

- Always create a snapshot before expanding a partition! The procedures for expanding a partition are prone to errors and it is important that you can always fall back on a snapshot.

- The pre-installed images of DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk use LVM by default. For a 'bare' installation, you can use the 'lvdisplay’ command to check whether you use LVM. You will then see a table with the name Logical Volume.


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