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What is the VPS mail service / carefree mailing?

Our VPS mail service (also known as 'carefree mailing') is a service meant to make sure your e-mails are spam-free and guaranteed delivered as easy as possible. The VPS mail servicehelps you with this as follows:

  • Outgoing mail from your VPS is sent over our mail servers. You'll profit from the IP reputation of our mail servers and your mail is less likely to reach a receiver's spam box.
  • The configuration wizard in the control panel allows you to easily add the required DNS-records (SPF, DKIM, X-auth) to your domain and guides you through the configuration of your mail server to set it up for using the mail service.

How you can start using this on your BladeVPS can be found here.

Important information before enabling the VPS mail service


  • The VPS mailservice is an SMTP relay service and not a complete mail solution with it's own IMAP, POP3 or SMTP-server. To use the VPS mailservice you will therefore always need to have your own mail services installed. These are also the mailservers you have to use when connecting from an external client such as Outlook. Our own webmail ( can not be used either for the VPS mail service.
  • The VPS mail service can be used, even when your mail ports are closed.
  • With the default configuration via the wizard in the control panel, ALL mail send from your VPS will run via our mail service. This could be unwanted when using PHP-forms that allow for entering a 'FROM'-address that is not a domain on the server or 'mail forwards' (forwards don't work with the mailservice).
  • The VPS mail service will also handle all mail send from the 'root' when all steps in the wizard are followed. These are for example read confirmations, automatically send delivery mails and PHP forms. This could also be unwanted. In that case you will also need to (manually) add the required DNS settings for the (sub)domain that your VPS uses as a hostname.
  • The VPS mail service can be used for externally registered domains or when using other nameservers then ours. This does require however that you will need to make sure the necessary DNS-records are added to the nameservers that are used. These nameservers will need to have support for the use of underscores in CNAME's (all recent nameserver software has this).
  • The VPS mail service has several limits that are in effect. One of this is the daily quota which can be seen in the control panel. You can send 1000 mails a day for each VPS, with a maximum of 10000. Next to that, there is also a limit of 60 mails per 60 seconds and 250 per hour. This is to prevent someone of flooding our mail queue with thousands of mails.
  • The mail quota in the control panel is only in effect for mails that are send via our mail service. E-mails send directly from your VPS are not counted and are theoretically unlimited.


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