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How do I enable the outgoing mailports on my VPS?

With the launch of our mailcluster (carefree mailing) we have disabled the outgoing mail ports (25, 465 & 587) by default. More information regarding the specifics can be found here.

Is it possible to open these ports?
This is most certainly possible! For security reasons there are 2 requirements:

  1. you will first need to set reverse DNS for your VPS which preferably matches the hostname of your VPS. An example of this is Do not use 'generic reverse DNS' such as something containing the IP-address.
  2. Another requirement is that at least one invoice has been successfully paid from your account.
    For this second requirement a default period of 17 days is maintained (as an invoice can be bounced, a payment error could occur, etc). This means that only after 17 days have passed can you open your mail ports or request our support department to open them for you.

VPS Mail ports

When you meet all requirements, you can enable the outgoing mail ports via your control panel. This can be done by looking for the 'Mail ports' header. When you set the slider to 'ON', certain checks will be started in the background. Once complete, a notification will be shown. If successful, you can immediately start mailing from your VPS. If you receive a notifications that some requirement is not met, you will need to recheck if you have successfully set all requirements.

Please note! If you are not (yet) able to comply to all requirements, but do want to have the mail ports opened because you (for example) use another external relay, you can send a message to our support department. After receiving that message, we can look into your specific case and manually open the mail ports. Please note however that the 17 day period requirement also counts in this situation.

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