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Why are the outbound mailports of my VPS blocked?

With the introduction of our mail service (which every BladeVPS user can use free of charge) there have also been other measures implemented to reduce the amount of spam being send from our network. A part of this is the default blockade of the outgoing mail ports 25 (SMTP), 465 (SSL) and 587 (TLS) for every new VPS.

Unfortunately a trend has started in which mailproviders and blacklists block a complete /24 or even larger ranges when an IP located in that range has send an 'unwanted' mail. Examples of these providers are SpamCannibal, SpamRats and the Microsoft network. To keep the reputation of our network as optimal as possible, we block the outgoing mail ports by default.

Should you want to keep full control of mailing from your own VPS, for example because you want to send a lot (more than 1000) of mails each day, this is still possible. You can find more information regarding the opening of your mail ports here.

Please note! When the mail ports of your VPS have been opened, incoming abuse reports for your IP-address may result in a reinstatement of the blockade.

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Matthijs van Beek Admin May 9, 2018 (#1235)


This place is meant to discuss the contents of the article with other users. Should you be unable to find the answer to your question in this article, our support heroes will be happy to assist you! You can reach them by using the 'Contact us' button underneath this article.

ouchraa89 May 8, 2018 (#1225)

I found some port closed on the server so I can not send messages from VPS Can you run the 587 port please?

Thanks in advance

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