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I'd like to link my domain to my VPS

When using a VPS to host your website it is not possible to “automatically” point your domain name to your VPS unlike with a webhosting subscription (unless your VPS is set as default DNS). In order to link your domain name to your VPS you can follow these steps:

IP addresses in the control panel

Finding your VPS’ IP address:

  • In order to connect your domain to your VPS you’ll need your VPS’ IP address. In your control panel click on “BladeVPS”.
  • Click on the corresponding VPS in the left hand menu.
  • You’ll immediately see the primary IP address. Should you prefer to use a different IP address, please click on “IP addresses”.
  • Copy the IP address you’d like to use.

IP addresses in the control panel

Adding the IP address to your DNS settings:

  • In your control panel navigate to “domain & hosting” and click on the name of the concerning domain.
  • Beneath “advanced domain management” (enable it if it’s disabled) you’ll note the DNS-settings.
  • Replace the current A record with the IP address of your VPS. Ensure that at least for the @ (root) record the IP address is used.
  • Click on “save”

Please note:

  • It takes a maximum of 24 hours (usually less) before the changes have taken affect globally due to the global processing time of DNS changes. Unfortunately we have no influence on the time this takes.
  • Remove the “AAAA” record if it’s still present, or change it if you’ve assigned an IPv6 address to the website hosted on your VPS.
  • Naturally you’ll need to design the website on your VPS if you haven’t already so that the server knows what website to display.

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