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Selling your domain to another party

It is possible that you want to sell a domain name to another party. You can arrange the financial settlement of the sale yourself in such cases; we do not have any special services for this. To transfer the domain name to the new owner, only a transfer code is required in most cases. The transfer code can be found in the control panel. You do this as follows:


Step 1

Go to 'Domain & Hosting' and click your domain name.


Step 2

Scroll down to 'Authorization code' and click the eye to show the code, for some extensions, you will see a link to request the removal code.

domain transfer code

Additional information:

  • Any discounts, for example from a temporary promotion, are not taken over.
  • For .be domains, a link is shown to request the removal code. When you click the link, the removal code is sent by email to the email address of the holder of the domain name.
  • For .eu domains, a link is displayed to request the removal code. When you click the link, the removal code will be shown on the screen.
  • For some extensions, such as and .uk, for example, the transfer does not work by using a transfer code. Therefore, no moving code is shown.
  • In the case of .com, .info, and .org domains, the transfer must also be confirmed by email after application. For more information, see this link.

Hand the transfer code over to the new owner. This new owner can then transfer the domain to his own TransIP account (or to a party of his choice). See this link about moving the domain name to another party.

Please note:

After the new party has transferred the domain using the removal code, it is very important that he/she puts the domain on his or her own (company)name. This can be done by changing the holder data of the domain at the party where the domain is placed. The reason for this is that the legal ownership and the right to use a domain name lies with the domain name holder.


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