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How can I set my reverse DNS for BladeVPS?

Setting a PTR record (also called reverse DNS / rDNS) is done as following:

  • Within the controlpanel, navigate to the BladeVPS-page
  • Select your VPS and click 'IP Addresses' (left bottomside of the page).
  • You can always add a new IPv4-address on this page by clicking 'Request IPv4 addresses' or a IPv6-address by clicking 'Add new IPv6 address'.
  • Click the IP-address for which you want to set the 'reverse DNS'.
  • Enter the desired reverse DNS-name and click on Modify Reverse DNS to save this record.




When entering a reverse DNS-record it's best practice to enter the hostname of your VPS or the (sub)domain you are sending mail from, for example: or You can also enter a generic reverse DNS-record like, but a lot of mailproviders will therefor mark this as too generic and award a higher spamscore to received mail from your IP address.

The PTR-record / reverse DNS will be delegated to our nameservers within minutes. For more information regarding DNS-changes you can consult our FAQ: "Why can't I see my DNS changes?".

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