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How do I connect to my server with Remote Desktop?

First make sure that Remote Desktop connections are enabled on the BladeVPS. Follow these steps to check and/or change the RDP settings on the server.

  • Log in via the console in your account.
  • Open the 'Server Manager' and select 'Local Server'. On the right hand side there should appear the Properties which also list the Remote Desktop options.
  • Check if the status is 'Enabled' or 'Disabled'. If 'Disabled', click on the option to change the status.
  • Set the option to 'Allow remote connections to this computer'.
  • A prompt will appear telling you the firewall-ports that RDP requires, will also need to be opened.
  • Select 'Enable Rule' for all 3 rules concerning Remote Desktop.
  • Close the firewall window and press 'Apply' to save the settings for allowing RDP-connections.
  • It could take a few seconds, but after that the status in the Server Manager should change to Enabled.

You can now create a RDP connection to your server. Open 'mstsc' on the computer from which you want to make a connection to your Remote Desktop.

Enter the hostname or IP-address of your BladeVPS and click ‘Connect’. You can find the IP-address(es) of your VPS by navigating to the 'VPS' tab in your Control Panel. Select your VPS, scroll down and under "IP adressess" you will find "IP addresses.

You will have to enter your login credentials when connecting to the server for the first time. Please note that you'll need to use the login credentials of the server you are connecting to. Press 'OK' to log in.

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