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Installing a language pack for Office 2016

In this article, we will show you how to install a language pack for Office 2016 on our platform (see our Microsoft Essentials for more information).


Step 1

Log in to your control panel, go to the 'BladeVPS' tab and click the name of your VPS for which the Microsoft license is active.


Step 2

Scroll down and click the gear behind 'Microsoft Essentials'.

vps microsoft essentials


Step 3

Click 'Microsoft Office 2016 Standard'.

microsoft essentials active licenses


Step 4

Under license overview, you will find two download links for the 'Multi language pack'. These disks contain language packs for all languages ​​supported by Office.

microsoft essentials license overview

Click the copy button behind the language pack disk link and use it to download the language pack from your VPS. Do this one by one for both language packs.


Step 5

Open the downloaded file (Windows mounts it automatically) and run setup.

office language pack setup


Step 6

Choose a language to install and click 'Continue'.

office language pack select language


Step 7

Agree to the conditions to continue with the installation.

office language pack terms of service


Step 8

Optionally, you can adjust the installation and, for example, choose for which Office products you want to install the language. When you're done, click 'Install now'.

office language pack install now


Step 9

After the installation, you can change the language of the spelling check, or the general language preferences, by navigating to the 'Review' tab in Word and clicking 'Language' > 'Set Proofing Language' or 'Language Preferences' respectively.

word language button


You are now done adding the additional language to Office 2016! Should you have any questions left regarding this article, do not hesitate to contact our support department. You can reach them via the ‘ContactUs’ button at the bottom of this page.

If you want to discuss this article with other users, please leave a message under 'Comments'.


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