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I want to upgrade my VPS

You can upgrade your VPS to a larger package while conserving your data and configurations. You can start the upgrade from the VPS information page in the Control Panel.

VPS Upgrade

After selecting the cogwheel in the right upper corner you select the ‘Upgrade VPS’ button. After that a new screen will open from which you can select a Blade VPS package. On this screen prices are shown as differences between the monthly costs for your current package and the monthly costs after the upgrade. After the desired package is selected you will be directed to a new screen. By clicking ‘reboot’ in this screen the upgrade will be performed.

An upgrade will never lead to lower specifications. You will keep any relevant add-ons. Irrelevant add-ons will be cancelled automatically, for example a single memory AddOn for a X1 will be dropped because a X4 has 4GBs of RAM which is more than 1,5GB) You will only pay for add-ons that you actually need.

Please note: An upgrade is irreversible. Downgrading is currently not possible as we cannot shrink disk space without the risk of data loss.

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