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Using Plesk extensions?

Your Plesk VPS can be expanded with various free and paid extensions. For example, use the WordPress Smart Updates plug-in to automatically update your WordPress websites, or the SEO toolkit to bring out your websites more prominently in Google search results.

Discounts on specific Plesk extensions

Using the coupon code transip-promo even gives you a permanent 10% discount on the Plesk extensions listed below under 'Eligible Plesk extensions'. This discount is valid for as long as you make use of the extension.

Eligible Plesk extensions
  • Joomla! Toolkit: A powerful Joomla! security and management tool that allows you to mass manage and secure your Joomla! instances, extensions and templates.
  • WordPress Smart Updates (All domain versions): Smart Updates feature for WordPress Toolkit analyzes your WordPress updates and performs them without breaking your site -- or notifies you that the update might be dangerous.
  • SEO Toolkit (Personal, Premium, Business, Agency): You need SEO to stand out, to not only give your customers a chance to find you but also, and more importantly, to pick your site over those of your competitors. Design and execute your SEO strategy, monitor your keyword rankings, and benchmark yourself against your competitors – all in one place.
  • Plesk Premium Email Entry (10, 50, 100, 500 users): Provide a wider range of advanced mail and collaboration services to your customers, such as calendar and notes functionality.
  • Site Builder (Premium & Enterprise): A flexible, fully customized, powerful, and easy to launch website builder (the basic functionality is free to use).
  • Acronis Backup (100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB): The Acronis Backup extension for Plesk enables reliable cloud backup for Plesk web hosting servers, as well as granular, self-service recovery for web professionals.
  • Plesk Power Pack: A collection of powerful tools, including Kaspersky Antivirus for 5 mailboxes, DNSSEC, WordPress Toolkit, PostgreSQL and MSSQL management modules.
  • Plesk Language Pack: By default Plesk allows you to install one of the many available languages. Need more? Add them with the Plesk Language Pack.


How do I install a Plesk extension?


The easiest way to install a Plesk extension (using the Plesk discount code if applicable) is to add the extension from Plesk:


Step 1

Log in to Plesk and click 'Extensions' in the left menu.

plesk extensions


Step 2

Look for the desired extension in the search field at the top right.

plesk extensions search


Step 3

Next, click the 'buy' button. 

plesk buy extension


Step 4 

You will now be taken to the extension's website. Fill in the fields with your own details and click on 'Coupon code' at the bottom left (if applicable). 

plesk coupon code


Step 5

Enter the code transip-promo and click 'Apply'.

plesk coupon code


Stap 6

The discount is applied immediately to the monthly price of the extension. Click 'Next' to review and finalize your order.

plesk extension code applied


Stap 7

Review the details of your order and check the option 'Confirm subscription'. Finally, click 'buy now' to complete your order and to add the extension to your Plesk installation.

plesk review data


Your Plesk extension has now been added to your VPS at a discount! Should you have any questions left regarding this article, do not hesitate to contact our support department. You can reach them via the ‘ContactUs’ button at the bottom of this page.

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