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How to place a VPS in a specific availability zone?

For a redundant VPS environment, you need at least two VPSs that are spread over two different availability zones. There are two ways to place a VPS in a specific availability zone:

It is not necessary for an HA-IP Pro or a Private Network to indicate where they will be located. Both are delivered redundantly and operate from both availability zones simultaneously.

Choosing an availability zone during the ordering process


If you order a VPS from our website, you will get the option to choose an availability zone for your VPS while putting your order together, as in the example below.

choose availability zone

You can also see how many VPSs you have in an availability zone. Click the arrow behind 'You have X VPSs in this zone' to get an overview of the VPSs in that zone.

Please note: If you use this option, you will have to manually configure each VPS to use the same configuration for your redundant setup. Therefore, we recommend that you fully configure one VPS and clone it (see below).


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