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The keys from my keyboard do not respond correctly

In some cases the keyboard (or some keys) will not function correctly while making use of the noVNC console.

If you are not using a US or UK keyboard lay-out you will most likely encounter problems while using the noVNC console. If this happens you probably configured your VPS to use a keyboard lay-out other than US or UK. Native keyboard lay-outs other then US or UK are known to cause problems in noVNC . Please change the keyboard lay-out for your BladeVPS to UK or US and your keyboard should function normally. The easiest way to configure your keyboard lay-out is by choosing the UK or US lay-out during the installation wizard. You don't need to change the lay-out back to the native settings if you want to make use of a SSH client. The client automatically converts keys from a given lay-out to your VPS.

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