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Configuring the DNS records of a subdomain for use of the VPS mailservice?

When using the wizard for our VPS mailservice it is not possible to use this for automatically setting the DNS records for a subdomain. You could however be wanting to send mail via a specific subdomain. Additionally, the hostname of your server is usually a subdomain and could be used to send certain 'automatic' mails or PHP forms.

How do I configure the necessary DNS records in the control panel?
sub domain DNS-settings overview

To set the DNS records for the mailservice in our control panel, you basically only need to copy the original records and add .[YOURSUBDOMAIN] after. If the example below are the DNS records for the mailservice:

@	5 Min 	TXT	v=spf1 ~all
transip-a._domainkey	5 Min 	CNAME
transip-b._domainkey	5 Min 	CNAME
transip-c._domainkey	5 Min 	CNAME
x-transip-mail-auth	5 Min 	TXT	c074e69e4c8d82ff810a47e81d11ca

Then the following records could be used voor setting up the mailservice for the subdomain 'subdomain':

subdomain 	5 Min 	TXT	v=spf1 ~all
transip-a._domainkey.subdomain 	5 Min 	CNAME
transip-b._domainkey.subdomain 	5 Min 	CNAME
transip-c._domainkey.subdomain 	5 Min 	CNAME
x-transip-mail-auth.subdomain 	5 Min 	TXT	c074e69e4c8d82ff810a47e81d11ca

Of course you need to replace subdomain for the subdomain you want to use and you will also need to change the "x-transip-mail-auth" code to your own. In this article we explain where you can find your x-transip-mail-auth record.

  • Because DNS settings are being cached, it can take some time before these changes are propagated.
  • Your subdomain has to be reachable by DNS (in other words it has to have an 'A'-record), otherwise these records can not be validated!


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