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Which nameservers can I use on my VPS?

When you order a VPS at TransIP, this does not automatically include the use of our nameservers for externally registered domains. Our nameservers can only be used for domains that have been registered through us, not for externally registered domains.

To make the domains / websites hosted on your VPS reachable you can use either of the following options:

  • Use the domain-registrars nameservers for the domain. Make sure the domains 'A'-record is pointing to the IP-address of the VPS where the website is hosted.
  • Run your own nameservers on the VPS and set those as the nameservers at the current registrar. If you use a controlpanel like DirectAdmin, Plesk or cPanel you can easily set up nameservers on your VPS. Most registry's / TLD's will require a second nameserver with a different IP than the first nameserver, which you can order through to the controlpanel.

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