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How do I connect to my server with Remote Desktop?

When you order a VPS with Windows Server, you can always access it using the console in the control panel. Because the resolution of the console is limited, and to avoid having to first log into the TransIP control panel each time, you can also use a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection. You can also use this, for example, to move files from and to the server.

The 'RDP' feature is not enabled by default for new Windows Server installations due to security reasons and you will need to enable it first. How to do this is explained in the following articles:

It is also important that you also allow RDP in the firewall, otherwise, this connection will not be possible.

On your Windows Server VPS, you can perform two remote desktop sessions by default. If you want to be able to use more than two remote desktop sessions on your Windows Server VPS, you need an additional license and you must add the Remote Desktop Services role to your VPS. We discuss these topics in the following articles:  


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