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Can I become a reseller?

You're always welcome to become a TransIP reseller! Any TransIP account can be used for this purpose. Using your account, you can easily maintain services in bulk. To get a clear idea of the possibilities, we recommend taking a look at our demo account at

You can also make use of the TransIP API for free. With the API you can make realtime changes in TransIP systems from your own website/server. We regularely update the API so new services are also covered by the API. More information about the API can be found on our website.

We also offer the TransIP whitelabel service, with which all .nl domains will be registered under our second SIDN account. In this manner 'TransIP BV' will not be visible in the WHOIS-information but a more neutral name. You can also use nameservers with a neutral name with the whitelable service.

The prices for the various domain extensions can be found at This also list any discount for the first year. When you click on 'Info' the discount and regular price will be listed. The pricing counts for both resellers and private customers. Of course we consider our resellers as well so starting from 150 registered domains you can contact us for a discount on several of the extensions. The discount can also be increased with the amount of additionally registered domains.

Our support staff can also be consulted free of charges any day of the week. On workdays you'll receive a reply within 1 - 2 hours until 17:30 GMT+1. At workdays our support staff is available until 24:00. On weekends our support staff is available until 19:00.


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