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What is the VPS console?

The console is a NoVNC connection to the operating system used by your VPS. This is not an SSH connection, although the console has a similar 'command line interface' as when using a Linux or BSD based operating system.

VPS console You can login on the console via the control panel. To do so go to the tab 'BladeVPS' and select your VPS. A connection will then be made to your VPS.

Important to know:
- The resolution of the console is 'fixed' and can not be changed. Should you want to use a higher resolution, you could use a RDP- or SSH-connection to the VPS depending on the OS you are using.
VPS console menu
- When using the 'Pop out' option (the icon in the left bottom corner), you will have several options in the menu bar:
  • Via Paste to Console you can paste text and / or commands in the console.
  • Via Shutdown you can turn off the VPS.
  • Via Restart you can restart the VPS.
  • Via the Optionss menu you can start 2 different types of rescue modus: the one 'Linux' uses by default and the one 'FreeBSD' uses.
  • Via the CTRL + ALT + DEL options you can enter the command CTRL + ALT + DEL, when using this on your keyboard this will logically be executed by your own OS.

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