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I want to use the TransIP API

We are offering an API to manage your services automatically. This is useful for resellers. You can enable the API within three steps:

Step 1

  • Download the API via the button 'Downloaden' on the API-page.
  • Login on your control panel and go to 'My Account'
  • Click on 'API'
  • Click on the current status "off" in order to enable the API.

Step 2

  • Generate your Key Pair which exist of a public key, a private key and a label. Insert a label and click on ''Add Key Pair.
  • Be aware: after ''Add Key Pair'', the private key will be shown one time only. You need to save this for yourself.
  • Next you can insert ApiSettings.php.

Step 3

  • If you selected ''Requires whitelisted IP'' while creating the Key Pair, it is necessary to add the IP-address of the server from where you want to use the API from. For this, you can click on ''Add IP-address''.

    IP address whitelist API
  • Next, you can configure the API on your own server. For more information you can read our API documentation.
    Be aware: we can not offer support on your own implementation of the API.

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