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I want to use the TransIP API

You can use our API to automaticallymanage the services of TransIP. Although our API simplifies the use of our services, some technical knowledge is required to use it. We also do not offer direct support on using the API.

We will now tell you how to download and activate the TransIP API.

Enable the API

Visit our API page and click on the button 'Download the API'.

Next, log on to your control panel and click on 'My Account'. Now visit the 'API' tab to find more information about the API and the option to add Key pairs and whitelist IP addresses. Enable the API by clicking the switch next to 'Status'.

enable the API

Next, generate your Key Pair. The key pair consists of a public key, a private key and a label.

Enter a label and click on the button 'Add Key Pair'.

Generate key pair

Take note: The private key is only showed once, so make sure you directly save the private key.

Next, visit the folder where you saved the API and unzip it if you haven't done so already. Open the folder named 'Transip'.

From here, open the 'ApiSettings.php' file with a text editor like Notepad++. Look for the following line:

    public static $login = '';

Insert the user name of your TransIP account between the quotation marks.

Now look for the next line:

    public static $privateKey = '';

 Add your private key between the quotation marks.

Take note: It is important you add -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- en -----END PRIVATE KEY------ as well.

Now save the 'ApiSettings.php' file.

If you checked the box next to 'Whitelisted IP', you will also have to insert the IP address of your server below the heading 'IP address whitelist'. Once you've added your IP address, click on 'Add IP address'.

add ip address

You can now configure the API on your server. Use the API documentation for more information. Take note that we do not offer direct support on your implementation of the API, you will have to take care of this yourself.

In this article we explained how to get started with the TransIP API.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact our support team using the 'Contact us' button below.

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