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DKIM error when sending mail via the mail service

Are you using the VPS mail service and getting the error "DKIM records appear to be not configured correctly for <hostname>. Please see for more information."? This error means the corresponding DKIM records cannot be found by our mail servers.

vps mailservice x-auth-record

There are three possible causes for this problem:

  • You configured your DNS correctly, but the DNS changes have not been propegated globally yet. It takes a maximum of 24 hours (usually less) before the changes have taken affect globally due to the global processing time of DNS changes. Unfortunately we have no influence on the time this takes.
  • The DNS records are misconfigured. To solve this, it's best to check that the mentioned DNS record has been added to your (sub)domain correctly. For configuring the DNS-records used by the mail service you can use this article. Is it a subdomain? You can then use this article for configuring its DNS.
  • You are sending mails from another domain then the one you configured the DNS for. You can check this by checking the domain that is listed in the <hostname> part of the error. If this is the case, check the configuration of your mail server and client and ensure you are using the correct domain.


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