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Does my VPS have DDoS protection?

Our VPSs are automatically protected against DDoS attacks. The protection is aimed at larger attacks where our systems determine that traffic to your VPS is suspicious, or your VPS cannot handle the traffic.

Attacks in which little bandwidth, or small packages, etc. are used can slip through this security. The rule here is that if it involves small attacks which have little impact on the functioning of your server, we do not offer automated protection. Your VPS can handle such a small attack, but since inbound and outbound traffic count toward your Traffic Pool, a small attack can have a disadvantageous effect on that. Thorough monitoring of the traffic on your VPS is most certainly to be recommended.

If you are hit by a DDoS attack which (automatically) activates our DDoS protection, the traffic is 'cleaned'. The (dirty) DDoS traffic is diverted, and (clean) normal traffic continues to your VPS. If the attack is very large, your VPS will be made temporarily untraceable for all traffic to and from your VPS. We cannot provide further details and numbers for security reasons.


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