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How can I utilize new disk space for my VPS?

If you purchased a disk space upgrade, or upgraded your VPS to a larger package, you have the following options to use this additional disk space.

  • The easiest way to install the disk space is to re-install your VPS. You will then automatically use the extra disk space, but will lose the current data on your VPS.
  • You can either add partitions or grow existing partitions. The methods to create a partition are not the same for every operating system and are listed below for different OS's:
    Ubuntu/Debian/Gentoo Linux
    Windows Server
  • If you are using a Linux based OS in combination with LVM, you have the option to 'grow' your partition. You can find a guide for growing a partition via LVM here. Web control panel installations such as Plesk, cPanel or DirectAdmin come with LVM by default.
  • If you are not using LVM or want to use a GUI, you can use GParted to increase a partition.
  • When using Windows Server you can also 'grow' partition to a larger size. You can find a step-by-step guide on the following link.

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