/ Faster than the speed of light
with Fast Installs for BladeVPS.

/ Speed up your installs with one of these options:

Cloud config user data.

Configure your VPS during the order process with cloud config user data.

SSH keys.

Add your SSH keys to your VPS directly during the order process.

One-time password.

Log in to your VPS with a one-time password that you change immediately.

/ Configure your favourite OS faster than ever before with cloud-init.

Cloud config user data allows you to configure your favourite operating system on your VPS during the order process. Set up your cloud config once and use the same configuration to quickly and easily install all your new VPS’es while you are ordering them. Automate a time-consuming step in the installation process of your new VPS’es.

Would you like to know more? Read the article in our Knowledge Base on how to create and use your configuration file.

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