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Longer invoice periods and less invoices

Hello, You are asking for improvements in your billing cycle. First, please group different services on one monthly invoice for the same customer. Now I receive different invoices for VPS and disk space expansion. For the same VPS! I think this is depending on the actual date I purchased the services. Secondly, increase the billing periods. I am really not interested in a monthly invoice for a € 12.10 VPS. Please give me the choice to purchase the VPS for one year. Let me pay in advance and send one invoice. I am quite happy you waive the transactions costs. Not because of the costs. But because of the overhead to enter a few dozen of € 0.30 invoices in my accounting system.

Kind regards Hans Linkels

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plainviewplugins0144 August 26, 2018 (#1825)

Yes please. Just group them all together and let me pay for 6 months at a time. Or 12.

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