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Can I use any scripts I like for web hosting?

In principle you can use all scripts that are suitable for Unix systems featuring PHP. However, there are a few restrictions: the scripts are not allowed to take up too much processing power. After all, you are using a shared server and other clients should not be inconvenienced by your application. It is also prohibited to use scripts that are unsafe and could be used by hackers and spammers.

Several scripts that are known to be unsafe and can cause immediate deactivation when found, are given below. However, please note that this NOT a complete list.

You should carefully check every script you use to verify whether it provides adequate protection against hacking, spamming and excessive CPU use. You should also ensure that you continue to update your script because new hacks appear on the Internet almost every day. This means that your safe script could suddenly prove to be unsafe.

List of several prohibited scripts that can cause immediate deactivation:
  • Torrent trackers
  • Criminals / war games
  • Topsite scripts
  • PhpBB / phpBB2 / phpBB3
  • Ikonboard
  • UltimateBB / UBB
  • YaBB forum
  • PHPNuke
  • lstmrge.cgi
  • JUMultithumb
  • Matt's FormMail
  • DT_formmail (extremely unsafe PHP formmail script)
  • All proxy scripts, such as nph-proxy.cgi, wwwproxy.cgi, PHPproxy, Anonymizer
  • All chat rooms and chat scripts, and IRC-related scripts
  • All scripts that give a Shell prompt or enable the execution of server commands
  • Zen Cart

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