Operating Systems

The choice is yours.

Open source for the win

VPS Operating Systems - volop keuze en automatisch geïnstalleerd

At TransIP we are a big fan of open source. We therefore offer several open source operating systems for BladeVPS Pro. The ISO is automatically loaded for you, after which you can perform the installation yourself.

The choice is yours

You determine what kind of operating system you would like to run. ArchLinux, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, OpenBSD and Ubuntu are all available for free from the control panel. Is your preferred operating system missing? Please let us know.

Ubuntu for BladeVPS Pro       FreeBSD for BladeVPS Pro       Debian for BladeVPS Pro       OpenBSD for BladeVPS Pro      

Gentoo for BladeVPS Pro       CentOS for BladeVPS Pro       Archlinux for BladeVPS Pro

Windows VPS

In addition to our open source offering, you can also run Windows Server on your BladeVPS Pro. This way you can login to your server via RDP from anywhere. From the control panel you can install Windows Server 2008 as well as Windows Server 2012.

Personal control panel

Through our pre-installed images you have the ability to install fully automated DirectAdmin, Plesk Panel or cPanel on your BladeVPS Pro. Setting up hosting services and web space through your VPS is therefore simpler than ever.


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