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/ Security update: Venom bug [resolved]


We would like to inform you about a vulnerability in QEMU. Because of this vulnerability, access to the hypervisor from a VPS could be granted. An exploit of this so called VENOM bug has as of yet not been observed.

It goes without saying that we’ve immediately started updating all of our systems. Thanks to our live migrations, you won’t notice this happening. This process will continue until all updates have been performed. 

Update (14-05-2015 14:00)
We have completed the migration of all VPS’s. The entire VPS platform has been updated and is now fully protected against the aforementioned VENOM bug.

When the bug first appeared, we immediately started carrying out updates on all our systems. During the live migration our engineers were able to develop a custom patch to significantly speed up the process. Because of this the process has completed much sooner than anticipated.

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